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Salaam African Bank: Why Banking Should be a Long Term Relationship

Why You Should Establish A Lasting Relationship With Your Bank

Creating a relationship with your bank is crucial when it comes to your finances. As we already know, it’s almost impossible to buy a house or car without good credit established, but many people don’t know where to start. Choosing the right bank will allow you to create a relationship based on trust, interdependence, and confidence when it comes to making financial decisions.

Salaam African Bank: Sharing Common Cents

Sharing Common Cents: Common Interests Between Banks and Businesses

With the reputation that many see now a days, banks and small businesses may seem like they have nothing in common with each other, when in reality they actually have more in common than most people notice. Here are some common interests found between banks and businesses.

Salaam African Bank: How to Choose the Right Bank for Your Business

Choosing the Right Bank for Your Business

There’s a lot more to consider when choosing the right bank for your business than when you’re opening a personal account. It’s not just a matter of interest rates and fees. The right bank can be an invaluable ally, and the wrong one can hold your business back. Salaam African Bank shares the right questions you’ll want to be ready to ask

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