Salaam African Bank is one of the leading providers of best business ethics compliant financial products and services in the East African region. For over a decade, the Diasporas and the local entrepreneurs in Djibouti have been actively looking to establish reliable connections with financial institutions throughout the region.

Launched in 2007, Salaam African Bank is focused on continuously improving the value and accessibility of its services in an effort to improve the lives of others in their community. As the first private bank to ever establish its headquarters in the Republic of Djibouti, Salaam African Bank is well equipped to serve the needs of their clients and proactively respond to their needs.

Salaam African Bank has quickly become an industry leader in the region, and has continued to expand their reach. You can currently find Salaam African Bank branches in several different locations, including a three-story building located at the heart of the Djibouti business center at Pierre Pascal Avenue next to the Djibouti Trade Union center.

Through the Corporate Banking Division, Salaam African Bank has helped promote significant business growth in the region and facilitate the construction of a growing number of business ethics compliant projects. Salaam African Bank is at the forefront of large-scale efforts to rebuild the economies of the Horn of Africa. Combining both opportunity and social responsibility, Salaam African Bank aims to harness the considerable resources of the diaspora to foster business growth and make a true difference in people’s lives.  

Salaam African Bank is able to stimulate business growth in the region in several different ways. Through profit sharing partnerships, the bank provides the necessary capital and managerial assistance while the counterparty company operates and runs the business. Through Joint Ventures, the bank and the counterparty provide capital and managerial assistance, allowing both parties to control and operate the business. Through Cost plus Margin, a corporation can request funding facilities, and the bank will purchase and resell the corporation at a profit margin.

As a leader in the country, Salaam African Bank also displays an awareness for advocating corporate social responsibility. It prides itself not only promoting business growth but also giving back to the community. The bank donates to charity — in line with the government policy — to reduce poverty in the region. They also sponsor sports, participate in women and youth activities, educational competition, and much more.